Shoe Care

Batsanis shoes are designed for comfort and durability. To ensure this, we recommend the following shoe care instructions. Shoe care advice and a selection of shoe care products are available online.

  • Always polish your footwear on a regular basis. We recommend using a cream based polish rather than liquid based.
  • Ensure you remove any dirt or dust with a cloth or soft brush before polishing.
  • Protect suede footwear with a water and stain guard. Allow wet footwear to dry naturally in a well ventilated space, not in direct sunlight or next to a heater.
  • Never machine wash your footwear as this will cause serious damage.
  • Try to alternate your footwear daily to allow the leather to dry.

As all feet are different, we recommend you take the time to be fitted professionally when making any footwear decisions. By ensuring the right fit and regular shoe care, your footwear will maintain its comfort and potentially extend its wear and durability.


Shoe Care Products

Liquid Water and Stain Protector

Preserves and protects boots, shoes and belts. Repels water yet still permits the leather to breathe. A light spray every so often is the most effective way to look after your shoes.

Renovation Polish

Covers scuff marks and scratches. Buffs quickly to high gloss shine. Full range of fashion colours in a 45g plastic pot.

Large Brush

Lacquered hardwood handle with brown bristles. Large brush for general cleaning. 165mm x 53mm.