Interview with AFL Star Jeremy Howe

August 23, 2016

Interview with AFL Star Jeremy Howe

Hi Guys

Thanks for tuning in, This month we are excited to bring you our Interview with young up and coming start Jeremy Howe from Collingwood. We Hope you enjoy!


Batsanis: Has your fashion sense evolved over time?


Jeremy Howe: My personal style has definitely changed over the years… Hopefully for the better! I think as you become more aware of your likes and dislikes, you naturally become more comfortable in yourself.

When I was younger and growing up in Tasmania, I really followed the crowd a lot in terms of how I dressed. Now I’m a little more individual in my approach.


Batsanis: What’s the difference between your public and private personas?


Jeremy Howe: I’m obviously live and breathe footy, especially during the season. In my private life I really like to play golf, travel and spend time with my partner.


Batsanis: What can you tell us about your Batsanis shoes?


Jeremy Howe: Batsanis supplies all players at Collingwood with dress shoes for the year, which is handy for club events, which spring up throughout the year.

With the end of season events and the Spring Racing Carnival approaching, it’s great to know that element of your outfit is all sorted!


Batsanis: When would you wear your Batsanis shoes?


Jeremy Howe: My Batsanis shoes are great for end of season events and the Spring Racing Carnival, plus any formal events I’ve got in the calendar throughout the year.

A lot of the boys get married in the off-season, so they’re also handy for engagement parties and weddings. Because I don’t often get to dress up and wear a suit, I actually quite enjoy it when I have the opportunity.   


Batsanis: Would you wear loafers with or without socks?


Jeremy Howe: I don’t think I’ll ever be a loafer no socks and rolled cuffs kind of guy to be honest, so I’m going to say with socks for this one!  


Batsanis: In your opinion do belts and shoes have to match?


Jeremy Howe: Not at all! Mix it up I say. Fashion should be fun, and the rules are there to be broken.


Batsanis: Would you wear a suit without a tie?


Jeremy Howe: I would, and almost prefer to. If I can get away with no tie, I do like the open collar look. For formal occasions I’ll definitely make sure I dress up with a tie, and have been known to rock a bow tie in the past!


Batsanis: Do you prefer a slip on dress shoe or lace up dress shoe?


Jeremy Howe: I’m pretty traditional when it comes to that sort of thing, so I do like the look of a lace up.

Shoe Sizing Chart

Due to the ever changing nature of fashion footwear, there can be some inconsistencies in shoe fitting. When selecting your size, we recommend referring to the size of a previous Batsanis shoe that is similar in styling.

Alternatively, please refer to the sizing chart below to convert the length of your foot to the appropriate size.

UK Size US Size  Europe Size Foot Length (cm)
5 6 39 24.8
6 7 40 25.7
7 8 41 26
8 9 42 26.7
9 10 43 27
10 11 44 27.3
11 12 45 27.9
12 13 46 28.6
13 14 47 29.5



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If your foot measurement is halfway between sizes, select the larger size. You may find one foot is longer than the other, this is quite normal, please use the larger size when making your shoe size selection.